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Planning your wedding

How soon should I have my engagement pictures done?

How soon should I have my bridals done?

How much time should I plan on for photography?

How Kelly's Photography does things

Do I get the "Negatives"?

What are "Negatives"?

Can I make copies of the CD's?

Is a deposit required?

Is the deposit refundable?

Do you shoot film or digital?

Do you shoot black & white?

Do you do extensive retouching?

Are you available holidays/ Sundays?

What are your favorite places to shoot?

Getting Your Photos

When will I see my engagement and/or bridal photos?

When can I see my wedding photos?

When will my prints be done?

Isn't digital instant, why can't I have them now?

How do I choose my proofs?

How do I choose my larger prints?

What do I do when taking my CD's to a lab?

Planning your wedding

Q: How soon should I have my engagement pictures done? <top>

A: Hopefully at least 6 weeks prior. Our turn around is guaranteed to be 2 weeks (more info). You should plan to have them in your hands at least 4 weeks before the wedding - 1 week to choose pictures and get get them printed, and 3 weeks to get them out. Check with your photo printers beforehand to see if a week is adequate, and if the photo is on the invite (not just an insert), 7 weeks total might be better.

Q: How soon should I have my bridals done? <top>

A: If you want them to be a part of your wedding, then you need to plan on having a dress ready (that's always what holds up the pictures) at least 4 weeks beforehand. We guarantee to have the photos done in 2 weeks, but you still need time to choose the photos and so we can them printed (our printing turn-around is at least a week and not strictly guaranteed).

Q: How much time should I plan on for Photography? <top>

A: Every wedding is different so we can't say for sure, but here are some things to consider:

When photography is needed of the actual wedding ceremony (not a temple wedding) it will require at least an hour for pre ceremony, ceremony, and post ceremony photos. To get group shots and some other basics add a half of an hour to an hour. Temple weddings only need 1 hour to easily get the basics. By basics we

mean family groups, 10-20 poses/locations around the temple/location, and a little candid coverage (We do work fast!).

A 1/2 hour beyond that will secure that you get the basics and even some more fun shots. If you have more than one location, then consider that each location needs about an hour to get well-covered. If you are stuck, feel free to give us a call, we've done this before and we can help!

And lastly, whatever you think is adequate, consider adding 1/2 - 1 hour beyond that to be realistic/safe. This rule applies to planning any event, especially weddings, and just in case everything works efficiently, that extra 1/2 hour or so will mean more fun "candid" shots!

In other words it can't hurt, it will only help, and candid shots are directly related to the amount of extra time the photographer is given (though we also do an excellent job of fitting them in while taking traditional shots as well, but extra time only helps!

How  Kelly's Photography does things (choosing us)

Q: Do I get the "Negatives"? <top>

A: You sure do, and you can do anything you want with them except make money off them (sell them, etc. - we reserve that copyright and give you an unlimited personal use license). You can print, email, copy, do virtually anything you want with them that is non-commercial.

Q: What are "Negatives"? <top>

A: By negatives we mean 6 Mega Pixel (MP) Digital files on CD (if you ever need a larger MP file, you can request a CD with higher resolution files for $50). We find that a High-Quality 6 MP file is more than sufficient for any printing needs up to 16 x 20 and possibly up to 20 x 24. If we gave you larger files, it would only slow you down with excess file information (as well as slow down the lab you take it to).

Q: Can I make copies of the CDs? <top>

A: Yes, in fact we encourage you to make lots of copies and give them to relatives. That way the photos can't get lost in a fire, etc.!

Q: Do you require a deposit? <top>

A: Yes, $250 on any wedding (plus $14.20 sales tax). It is payable by check.

Q: Is the deposit refundable? <top>

A: No and kind-of. We don't refund the money, but you maintain that money as a 1 year credit with Kelly's Photography, and it can be used for any wedding or portrait photography. With most studios you lose the deposit if your plans change, with us you have simply prepaid on a family portrait package!

Q: Do you shoot Film or Digital? <top>

A: I shoot only with digital cameras. The power of digital has finally surpassed the quality of film in most every respect, and it allows me to give you all the images on one or more CDs. Our high-end digital cameras produce images that are free from apparent pixels at 16 x 20" and larger!

Q: Do you do Black & White? <top>

A: Yes. B&W is simply the absence of color (hue). We therefore shoot everything in color, and later you can have anything printed in B&W (either by me or by a photo lab). In other words any image that is in color can be made into a stunning B&W (especially if we do it for you), but no B&W image can regain full color. Hence, we shoot color and B&W is a later option.

Q: Do you do extensive retouching? <top>

A: We can definitely retouch!

Q: Are you available holidays/ Sundays? <top>

A: We will work on Sunday after 12:30pm. We might be available for some holidays depending on our schedule. We also charge a holiday fee if we are available.

Q: Where are your favorite places to take pictures? <top>

A: Wherever I can. I'm serious, location is not as important as the photographer, what he shoots with, and how he shoots it. If you book with us, I can help you decide on great Engagement and Bridal locations, but know that I can capture you well in any place we choose.

Getting your photos back

Q: When can I expect to see my engagement/bridal photos? <top>

A: They are guaranteed to be ready within two weeks of being taken. They will be mailed that next day or be available to be picked up by you that next day. We can often get them done much sooner, depending on the season.

If you are in a terrible rush, we can shorten that period to next-day service for a fee of $50 (for either bridals or engagements). Understand that we may or may not be able to accomodate you, depending on the season, so plan to have them done as early as possible.

Q: When Can I expect to see my wedding photos? <top>

A: Our turn-around time can depend on the season, but we try to have your photos online within three weeks of your wedding and the CDs available for pick-up (or in the mail) by four weeks. In other words, we can't guarantee these times (mainly due to seasonal concerns) - engagements and bridals are only guaranteed so they can be done in time for the wedding.

Q: When will my prints be done? <top>

A: Once you have ordered prints they will be ready for pick-up or mailing within 1-3 weeks of your order. Priority is given to bridal and engagement prints that are due prior to a wedding. If you place your print order, feel free to request an estimated time for their completion - and let us know if there are pressing circumstances (like a second reception in another city that you want prints for, etc.) we can't guarantee that we can fulfill your desires, but we also can't help if we don't know, so please tell us. Albums take 3-8 weeks depending on many factors, including the number of pages. Again, you are welcome to ask for an estimate on that as well.

Q: Can't I have them sooner? Isn't digital instant? <top>

A: As you can see from the proceeding questions, we have a lot on our plate all the time (especially in the summer). We can get it to you at a sooner and guaranteed time, but you would need to request it in advance and pay a rush fee. See our policies page for rush fees.

Digital is basically "instant," but we won't let anything leave us without optimizing the files. We shoot a file format that must be processed (called "RAW file format"), and that along with many other reasons (like we're out shooting another wedding or portrait) gives us that turn-around.

Q: How do I choose my proofs? <top>

A: You can See Proofs Here. note: You will need you Event Date and Password.

 If you did not Get a password Click here to request one.


Q: How do I choose my larger prints? <top>

A: Same as proofs, there is an ordering application that comes on your Catalog CD.

Q: When I go to a Lab what do I do? <top>

A: If at all possible don't take your archival CD(s)! Those CDs are your permanent record of your wedding, and should be kept at home without any markers or labels touching them (both markers and labels degrade your CD's longevity). In fact because normal CDs are so cheap, as soon as you get your CDs you should copy them onto cheap CDs - make tons of copies! Make a copy for both parents, make copies for grandparents, friends, etc! The more copies you make, the safer your photos are from ever being lost.